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Rihanna tifa Juve in Turin

Photo: @ Instagram/ Juventus Take a look at who was there yesterday evening in Turin during the Champions League match between Juventus and Atletico Madrid. Yes, Rihanna has decided to take sides in favor of the Italian team, and has witnessed the match with a personalized jersey, a gift from the team...

In Turin, a man kills his wife with a nail file, hobby

Flash news, latest news from Turin, Still a news chronicle of the black in this hot summer, still a femicide. He killed his wife and then in the early afternoon consists of going to the police to confess what he had done. And’ success in Turin. Probably the murder happened this morning, but only hours...

Todays Festival, Turin 2019: program and ticket info

Back this year, the Slavic Festival, Turin 2019, an event which is now in its fifth edition. Last year, the musical event has counted more than 30 thousand people. Therefore, the Slavic Festival, Turin 2019 has been confirmed as one of the Italian festivals the most awaited and indispensable of the summer....