Tu si que vales

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Friends 19 advances: Nyv to You Yes Que Vales but it is the least loved by the public!

Today, Saturday December 7, 2019, will air a new episode in the afternoon of the special Friends of Maria De Filippi. Three weeks have passed from when the students arrived in the school. What will happen in the appointment with the talent show? As we mentioned in the article yesterday, will be held...


Boom of plays for You you que vales, Mary also chooses Sabrina Ferilli and is the centre

When it is said that the Italian public is following less and less often tv and then on the Saturday evening comes the denial...And’ what happens when the tv broadcast programs as You you que vales. Can be criticized by the sages of the tv but these format, to the Italian public like. Are programs that...

Listen to tv December 8: the De Filippi with the replication of You you que vales whips Antonella Clerici

Who won between Portobello and the Journal of You you que vales The challenge of tv viewers last night, Saturday 8 December 2018 are focused mainly on the outcome of Portobello. Yesterday evening, in fact, on Rai Uno aired the last meeting with Antonella Clerici. The data Auditel, have awarded the show?...