Trunks on the Clash Royale

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Trunk the Legendary 500 gems: when it appears? Tips and tricks

New special Clash Royale allow you to get Chests of priceless rarities such as the Trunks Super Magical, Chests, Magic, Chests, Giants, but above all, Chests, Legendary or Trunks of Epic, vastly more rare of the first three nominated. We have listed all offers available on the Clash Royale, and the complete...


How to use Stats Royale: definitive Guide to Trunks later

We have published and made known the site Stats Royale, magically, a few hours after the whole Youtuber and the whole Web was out of the question, without, however, cite as a source, and in any way, Supercell Italia Fan for the discovery. We appreciate, however, all those who have pointed out that the...

StatsRoyale: Sequence Chests, and the next Trunk in real-time

We discovered to our great enthusiasm how to access the list in real time, of the Trunks of every single game profile Clash Royale (yes, in addition to our we can also look to some of the others), and above all without installing any application. We are going to explain how to do it.