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Barbara D'urso death threats: ‘I Hope that a truck can clothe him / her and...’

Lady Cologno in the viewfinder of a hater that wishes you death Without a shadow of a doubt, Barbara D'urso is one of the few characters television more popular and present in the small screen. Lady Cologno is very much loved but at the same time hated by many haters that attack on various social networks....


Serious accident between a truck and a car, serious injuries to a man

Today, Wednesday, August 9, shortly after, at 16.30, there was an accident inside the highway tunnel of the St. Gotthard. Inform the Police of the Canton. For reasons that the investigation of police must establish, in the area of niche 53 in the ticino area, there was a collision between a heavy vehicle...

Luino, in an accident between car and truck in the parking lot of Carrefour

An accident happened in the late afternoon of today, Tuesday, July 31, in Luino, in the parking lot of the Carrefour supermarket in viale Flavio Fornara in Luino. For reasons still under investigation, a car and a truck, both in the phase of the manoeuvre, collided with the machine that is finished with...