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Get Tropicanal – the blurb for Be-Movie that will make you look!

From the union of Tropicana and Be-Movie is born Tropicanal, a blurb for the game of the narrative Be-Movie posted by Helios Games and Space Orange 42!The Smaiala Production is a small and scalcagnata production house porn films. Thanks to the financing of a controversial Italian singer, who has to shoot...

Role-playing in Savage Worlds... with Vanni Santoni!

In the Almanac of the Worlds Wild 2018 you will find the adventure written for the Savage Worlds with Vanni Santoni: Big Shot, Grand Croix! Are you ready to play?For one thing, the soundtrack of the article and of the adventure:We continue with the backstory, for the use and consumption of the players:Grand...


A night at the Barracuda – version Printer Friendly updated

A night at the Barracuda is an adventure for Savage Worlds Deluxe and Tropicana SET IN the SONG MARACAIBO LU COLOMBO. Never again be without!First of all, click the video below and put this wonderful version of Maracaibo in the background while you read the article.  Done?Your characters are spending...