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Teatro Blu, tomorrow, the scene in “Traviata”, directed by Silvia Priori and Roberto Gerbolès

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 30, at 21, at the Foundation Sangregorio Giancarlo in Sesto Calende, the Blu Theatre will stage the show “la Traviata”, a work realized from a study of “the lady of The Camellias” by Alexandre Dumas, Silvia Priori, and with Kaoru Saito (soprano), directed by Silvia Priori and...


“La Traviata”, the last Theatre production of the Blue Silvia Priori, opens the eleventh edition of “Land and Lakes”

Will “la Traviata”, with Silvia Priori and Kaoru Saito (soprano) accompanied by the Orchestra, Brass bands, Brass Band of Bergamo and at the Conservatory “G. Verdi” of Milan, directed by maestro Gianmario Bonino, written and directed by Silvia Priori and Roberto Gerbolès, to open Thursday the first of...

Valentino signature La Traviata

A flush-mounted so the opera Theatre of Rome and l ‘had ever seen: a million two hundred thousand euro. Director: Sofia Coppola. Scene: Nathan Crowely (the genius of the images in the curriculum: Batman Begins and the Dark Knight) Clothing: The Valentine's Day.Told so, no one could not imagine what...