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With a knife threatens a little boy on the train, reported a 28-year-old

I carabinieri della Stazione di Cuvio, at the conclusion of the investigation, reported yesterday a 28-year-old moroccan, resident in the town of Omegna, the responsible of the threat worsened, and the port abusive to the knife. The man, around 16.30, while he was at the edge of the regional train that...

Luino, the “Four moves to boost tourism starting from the market”

“I launch an appeal to the inhabitants of Luino, Cannero Riviera and Cannobio, ‘the Lake’ has need of you! The project to stand the needs of your desire to experience the lake, you'll all you to determine the future of this initiative which has opened a new way towards the union and the sharing of the...

More than 25 thefts of bicycles to the border, for around 100 thousand francs. A stop on the train

In the last month that it was carried out an investigation against a gang of thieves specializing in the theft of bikes and electric. Already last year had seen an increase of this kind of theft, and with the arrival of summer is immediately acted to counter this phenomenon. The investigation has allowed...