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The Pirates of the Caribbean landed on the App Store with the new “Tides of War” [Video]

Pirates Of The Caribbean : Tides of WarJOYCITY Corp (0)FreeThe highly anticipated new chapter in the “Pirates of the Caribbean – The revenge of Salazar” will arrive on the 24th of May in the cinemas. What better time, then, to launch a new game on the App Store dedicated to the famous characters of the...

Orcs Must Die Unchained – Traps, spells, and orcs!

Waves of enemies, traps, placement, humor, and much, much fun. Is Orcs Must Die Unchained! Passing a part of the adolescence bent on character sheets, Dungeons & Dragons, and learning new languages with which to curse every roll of the dice unlucky, I have learned one thing: the dungeons are a bad place...