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The Central market of Florence, ”street food” tuscan

For lovers of food and folklore, this goal has become a fixed destination, in the case of the ‘local’or tourists. Immersed in a riot of colors, smells and tastes, you have the possibility not only to buy local products, but also to relax and enjoy them in all their genuineness.But first a bit of history...1865...


Travel. And if a pornstar you were a guide?

Are you tired of the “usual” tourist guides, which you'll fill up tips on which museums to visit, what monuments to photograph and where to eat? Now visit european cities will have a taste much more spicy, thanks to the initiative of Trip4real in collaboration with Erika Lust, who together have invented...

Confesercenti: “18.2 million italians attracted by Expo. 57% prefer a visit of a single day”

Expo 2015 convinces the italians, 38% of our fellow-countrymen of age, for a total of more than 18.2 million people, he is going to visit or has already done it. The visit, however, is in the sign of the toccata and fugue: 57% of those who want to go will dedicate it to the Expo one day, 33% two. It...