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The Mac Pro is modular, it could arrive between the end of the 2018 and 2019 | Rumor

A little surprise, this week Apple has announced to be working on a new Mac Pro a modular structure, which will come on the market after 2017. Have not been provided with precise information about the potential launch, but OSnews has shared some tips obtained “from people and sources who know their stuff”.Thom...


Apple patents the MacBook with the dual-screen evolution of Touch Bar. A real turning point?

In one of the recent patents of Apple we can see a MacBook with a dual screen. The additional display would serve as a device for touchscreen input, able to adapt to our needs, just as happens with the Touch Bar.Apple has had some success with the new MacBook Pro and their innovative Touch Bar. In spite...

MacBook Pro 2016: Consumer Reports does not recommend the purchase for the battery problems

The new MacBook Pro 2016, Apple is not among the devices that Consumer Reports recommends that you buy. The reason for this? The known battery problems, that seems to grant little autonomy, with data that “vary dramatically” from one test to another. The new MacBook Pro is the first machine of Apple...