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Update Clash of Clans: the Tower of hell level 5 Miner, level 5, Sorcerer level 8, PEKKA level 6, Cannon level 15, Tower archer level 15 more

A little while ago David[Supercell] has posted on the forum with the new update coming to Clash of Clans: will include new levels to troops and buildings in addition that changes on the statistics of the game. Certainly stands the Tower of hell which comes at level 5 and the possibility of watching a...

Balance and New levels May 2017 for Clash of Clans: here's what will change

As we advance Supercell is taking steps to launch a huge update, completely different from all the others for Clash of Clans. In the meantime, though, came other news that affect new levels and new balances that will be active in the dissemination of the new update.

2 Deck Battles between Clans stronger with the Golem, a Cemetery, Rocket, Valkyrie

If you play on Clash Royale you will know the destructive power of the Deck to the Golem Cemetery and as you have determine it works very well even in the Battles between the Clans, but not enough. In this strategy we will use with a Deck for player 2 (your ally) that will compensate for the shortcomings...