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Tricks to use for Deck Arena 7

If you are reading this article is because you managed to get to the Arena 7, and you are looking for information on how to approach it to this new reality of the Clash Royale. The road to the fateful Arena Legendary is still long, but using the deck right, you can drastically reduce the time to access...


How to use Stats Royale: definitive Guide to Trunks later

We have published and made known the site Stats Royale, magically, a few hours after the whole Youtuber and the whole Web was out of the question, without, however, cite as a source, and in any way, Supercell Italia Fan for the discovery. We appreciate, however, all those who have pointed out that the...

Here is how to enable the hidden feature on Facebook Messenger that allows you to play chess | Guide

MessengerFacebook, Inc.FreeFacebook Messenger is one of the most-used applications on smartphones, and could be on the verge of becoming even more after the revelation that the application not only allows people to send text messages and media to their friends, but it also has a hidden feature that allows...