Tina Cipollati

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Anticipation Men and Women: Gemma is back from Rocco and Barbara furious with Alessio

Arrive of new advances from the study of Men and Women Over, yesterday 24th of November were made the recordings of the new episodes and the studio is successful, a little bit of everything. As always, the undisputed star of the dating show is still Gemma Galgani, the lady of Turin. In these new episodes...


Tina Cipollati trembles, arrived a little while ago in the news: here's who could replace it

The Marchesa del Secco D'aragona ready to land to Men and Women a Few hours ago is now a little news as positive for the Tina Cipollati, the historical columnist of the dating show Men and Women. It was ‘Spy magazine’ and, if it were confirmed, it would be a really great shot of the scene. But what is...

Advances Men and Women, new fight between Tina and Gemma, spoke to Gianni and Maria to separate them (Video)

Yet another discussion with a lot of hands between the columnist and the lady in turin The last week have been recorded for the new episodes of the Throne over Men and Women, and according to the advances and spread on the web, in the studio happened of all. Protagonists, as always, Gemma Galgani and...