Tina Cipollati

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Mourning for Maria De Filippi: the severe loss of a person dear to her

Serious mourning for a protagonist of the dating show, U&D a Few days ago a bereavement has affected Tina Cipollati, the historical commentator of Men and Women. And, therefore, the mourning has hit also the other protagonists of the dating show Channel 5 as Maria De Filippi. The vamp in the last recording...


Advances Men and Women, episode of today, 5 December: Gemma, bare breasts, Tina the light

The third and final round of the parterre is the senior of U&D Today afternoon at 14:45 will air a new episode of the dating show Men and Women. According to spoilers in the episode today, viewers of Channel 5 will see the third and final round of the Throne over. You want to find out what will happen?...

Men and Women, all against Angela

Men and Women in the most recent episode aired, one of the protagonists was lady Angela. At a certain point, all railed against her, that's why. Men and Women, and the clarification of Angela The lady Angela the parterre of the female gender is under attack from a different time. According to Tina Cipollati...