Tina Cipollati

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Shot of the scene, Men and Women, Gemma Galgani to say goodbye to the throne over

Gemma Galgani ready to let Men and Women after the christmas holidays, a shot of the scene? Gemma Galgani-are continuing to discuss within the program of Men and Women. The lady of the throne over, present in the studies from about 9 years never ceases to search for his soul mate, and especially his...


Gemma Galgani after the kiss with Rocco gets wet all over: the embarrassment in the studio

Gemma Galgani is now over in the viewfinder. In the transmission is, you have often the worst of it. Here's what happened this time, The bet of the day was the throne over to ‘Men and Women’ I will be full of twists and turns: as always the protagonist of the episode the Lady of Turin, which is once...

Advances Men and Women, today's episode 17th December: Gemma and Rocco limonano in the car, but do not consume

The first weekly event of the Throne over to U&D After the long break due to the week-end starts a new week of programming of Men and Women in the dating show on Channel 5. We remind all the viewers that this will be the last week of programming in view of the christmas holidays. According to the spoilers...