Tina cipollati

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Tina Cipollati with the template “the mummy-Bud” is all the trash that we missed and we'll see Men and Women

What to say except a big thanks an entire mansion. For years, there is this eternal struggle against good and evil. A struggle that pits the huge fans of Men and Women and those that hate the program of Maria de Filippi. The public does not see the hour to be three in the afternoon to be swept up from...


Tina Cipollati greased before Christmas gives the blame to the red dress

The latest installment of the throne over Men and Women before the christmas break and the last “climb” on the scale for Tina Cipollati. In the episode of Men and Women in the air today 18 December 2019, Tina would not have wanted to weigh. “I ate something, we are Christmas,” said the columnist to Maria...

Tina Cipollati to the MCS between pounds lost and plans for the future with the knowledge of the Men and Women in his house

Among the protagonists of the episode of the Maurizio Costanzo Show broadcast on the 13th of November 2019 also Tina Cipollati who appeared to be in great shape in the studio of Channel 5. The beautiful columnist who has been accepted by a large heat of the audience with a kind of ovation during the...