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Men and Women, Gemma Galgani and Tina Cipollati make peace before Christmas

That puntatona that of Men and Women in the air today, December 20, 2019. The public that follows with passion the throne over can not live without them. The program of the Channel 5 is popular and in today's episode, we witnessed a scene more than historical! Gemma Galgani and Tina Cipollati for almost...


Tina Cipollati lapidary on Ida and Richard: “A marriage does not solve problems”

As widely announced, on the episode of the Men and Women of today, December 4, 2019, aired the proposal of marriage of Riccardo Guarnieri Ida Plane. The two as you know, they are together, between a pulling spring, and the other, a year and a half. After a pause of a few month, they had decided, a month...

Tina Cipollati to the MCS between pounds lost and plans for the future with the knowledge of the Men and Women in his house

Among the protagonists of the episode of the Maurizio Costanzo Show broadcast on the 13th of November 2019 also Tina Cipollati who appeared to be in great shape in the studio of Channel 5. The beautiful columnist who has been accepted by a large heat of the audience with a kind of ovation during the...