Tim Curry

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EN: in Salento, a priest is disguised as Pennywise for the carnival parade

On the 18th of February, in many cities and countries, italians have held the traditional carnival parades of floats and people in masks; children and adults alike have warmed merriment and boisterous happiness a cold Sunday, at least as far as the southern provinces of Puglia.In Corsano, a small town...


The film of Cluedo, a remake of the Lords, the Offence is served, you will make it!

The film of Cluedo will be thanks to 20th Century Fox. It will be a remake of the Lords, the Offence is served, cult movie of 1985, and will take its cue from the famous game in the box, 1948. The idea of making a film adaptation of the famous board game of the 1948, it was in the air already from 2011....

Tim Curry, 70 years in 5 roles, cult

Class 1846, a life in the theatre (from Hair to the Rocky Horror, up to Spamalot with Monty Python) and a very long career in film and tv, cross-genres, but all set on a unforgettable voice and a face characteristic and capable of being transformed with or without make-up, great special effects, Tim...