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Fear for Fabrizio Corona, a malicious in the house: here's what happened on the day of the Eve

Fabrizio Corona certainly did not expect to celebrate a Eve in this way. The former paparazzo, has received a visit in the expected: thieves broke into her home, his home was completely put upside down by the thieves. The ex-paparazzo Fabrizio Corona has seen his entire apartment was completely looted...


“The shot first in the legs...”: Patrizia De Blanck, the threat of shock in action in the Italian Stories

A threat that has not gone unnoticed that Patrizia De Blank. After reporting the theft to the Italian Stories, his revenge Stories of the Italian Patrizia De Blanck thundered a threat that immediately became viral. In the broadcast, they spoke of weapons and personal defense. Here's what he told the...

Marchirolo, thieves are breaking in in the gym of the school, but they come out almost empty-handed

It is concluded with the disappearance of a few objects of little value, the tools used for the exercises step-by-step, the theft occurred some days ago in Marchirolo, at the gym of the school, via the school, 1. The door of the infirmary, which gives access to the property, located in the same complex...