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Tim Cook to the President Trump: "The programming of the app as a school subject"

Despite the relationship between Tim Cook and the President of the United States Donald Trump is almost to the minimum, the Apple CEO has participated in the summit technology in order to propose the programming of the app as a school subject. The president of the United States of America, Donald Trump...

Climate, “Trump has decided to the withdrawal of the United States from the agreement of Paris”

(AP) Donald Trump has decided to remove the United States by the Paris agreement on climate change. The refers the web site Uses Axios citing “two sources close to the administration”. Don't yet have the official confirmation of the decision. Donald Trump has already taken the final decision to withdraw...

Apple, and other companies tech, to the White House to discuss immigration and not only

Apple, Google, Facebook and other large companies in the tech world will meet at the White House to talk about different topics. Particular attention you will give to immigration and the relationship between citizens and the White House. In the coming weeks Apple, together with other companies in the...