The throne classic

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Men and Women news: a suitor of julia has an affair with Valentina, a former suitor of Luigi Mastroianni?

You have recorded the new episodes of Men and Women, in particular, we are referring to the Throne of Classic-Angela need feeding, Andrea Zelletta and Giulia Cavaglià. Thanks to we are able to provide the first advances in this regard, starting from Andrea that he kissed Klaudia and georgia...

Men and Women, the choice of Lorenzo Riccardi: double rejection incoming

Thursday, December 27 was recorded a new episode of the throne of classical Men and Women. According to the previews, it seems that Lorenzo Riccardi things you are making really very bad. After countless back and forth with Giulia and Claudia, the girls seem to have sound insulation in my and are ready...


Men and Women, Andrea Dal Corso resumes Teresa Langella: the choice disappoint Antonio

This year, the throne's classic of Men and Women is quite complex, and fuels the gossip day after day. After the choice of Teresa Langella eliminate Andrew From the Course, arrived a few hours ago a resounding ‘reverse gear’. It seems that the ex-tempter of Temptation Island is back in the studio to...