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Gossip news: Michelle Hunziker, the truth about the pregnancy

Feed Released from KontroKulturaThe small Sun has asked the mother a little brother, but she now hesitates. And Thomas is a dad is the perfect time to chase news, gossip about an alleged new motherhood, Michelle Hunziker, until now, always supported by the facts. But the truth is, the showgirl switzerland...


Guess the star who relaxes in the sun

Photo: @ InstagramThe guess who of today is a bit naughty, but after all, you have all weekend to think of who the celebrity is a mystery relaxes in the sun.The shot in question was made by an actress of Latin origins who have been married for just a year with a wealthy mexican man.Have you figured out...

At least five Earth-like planets that could host life

The Earth-like planets potentially capable of hosting life are only a “handful” at least 5, between about 20 candidates. Are hosted by three stars: Proxima Centauri, which is nearest to the Sun, Trappist-1 and LHS1140, which are located at distances of between 4 and 40 light-years. The said the astronomer...