The second season

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Do not lie the end that opens to the second season: who killed Andrea?

On march 3, 2019 aired the third and last bet Not to lie, the fiction of Channel 5 with Alessandro Preziosi and Greta Scarano inspired by the british series Liar. In the last episode, as you may have seen, many of the knots come to the comb, but the grand finale, with a big question mark. As you may...

Rosy Abate – The Series: the advances of the second season

Soon they will begin shooting the second season of “Rosy Abate – The Series” born from the spin off of Team anti-Mafia. Finally comes a wonderful news for viewers who have followed the drama “Rosy Abate – The Series”, a main character, Giulia Michelini. After the resounding critical and commercial success...

The house of card part 2 advances: the second season of the Spanish series on Netflix from 6 April, as it will end?

The countdown has started: in a week we will be able to follow on Netflix the second season of The house of paper the Spanish series, which has hit the fans of the platform in the streaming by becoming one of the most views, 2018. With its 13 episodes, the first season has made us understand the reasons...