The road of the Cucco

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Three “Velo-Ok” on the road to Cucco. The mayor of Prato: the “safety for residents and motorists”

Has created no little surprise in motorists see three “Velo-Ok” on the road to monte Cucco, the one that connects Luino to Mesenzana. The decision comes from the municipality of Montegrino Valtravaglia, met the mayor Fabrizio Prato. “And’ from 2009 that the residents in the Riviera and monte Cucco are...

Accident in the night on the street of the Cucco, involved young 20-year-old

Scary incident that occurred last night on the way to the Cucco, connecting Luino to Mesenzana. A 20-year-old, driving his car, he lost control of the vehicle, finishing off the road and stopping his run to the edge of the roadway. Luckily nothing serious for the boy, who was transported to the Hospital...