The return of the Jedi

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Someone has paid out over half a million dollars for an original blaster of Han solo

Only: Star Wars Story has not convinced the publlico, despite being a really good movie (we will never tire of ripeterelo), but the flop at the box-office flop at the box office of the pellicoladi Ron Howard has not scratched the myth of the name Han solo, and the iconic Star Wars character played by...


Star Wars: the crowdfunding campaign for a spectacular replica of the sailing ship of Jabba!

There is a cult scene of the Star Wars saga, which encompasses all the best of the original trilogy (except for Darth Vader): this is the epilogue of the boss slug Jabba The Hutt The Return of the Jedi.Luke is more Jedi than ever, Han solo blind, Chewbacca, Leia with the bikini golden (and more cazzuta...

Star Wars – Here is the cushion Sarlacc that will make you stand for “thousands of years”

You arrive home from a long day of work as a bounty hunter and the only thing that you would like to do is to stand for thousands of years? The Cushion of the Sarlacc, from Star Wars: Return of The Jedi, is the answer to your prayers!Despite his appearance is not the most inviting (heck, I think there...