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Alfonso Signorini, without shame: ‘I the children of Lorella Cuccarini’, broke out the scandal

The director of Who sputtanato to Strip the news last night after the TG% of 20 is to be aired as always, a new episode of Striscia la notizia, the satirical news program by Antonio Ricci. During the evening the two conductors Enzo Iacchetti Ezio Greggio did see a service regarding the director [...]The...

Simona Ventura confesses: here's the real reason why he left Gerò Carraro

Simona Ventura, the host by Piero Chiambretti, revealed the true reasons that led to the end of her story with Gerò Carraro. Simona Ventura, the end of her story with Gerò Carraro While Simona Ventura was the conduct of the first edition of " Temptation Island Vip for the Charm and the team of Maria...


Alfonso Signorini reveals how it came to be the scoop between Fabrizio Corona and Asia Argento

Alfonso Signorini told some background of the photos taken at Asia Argento and Fabrizio Corona. It all started from an intuition, on social. Fabrizio Corona and Asia Argento are a couple In this week, all we do is talk about them. On the weekly, Who released the bombshell: Fabrizio Corona and Asia Argento...