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Alessandra Spisni at the Zecchino d'oro (the dough clever to the recipe of piadina romagnola

For the second episode of the "Zecchino d'oro" return to the recipes of Alessandra Spisni, today the recipe of piadina romagnola. Antonella Clerici does not forget the kitchen in the tv and snack time, if yesterday the donuts today are the crescentine savory to serve with the mortadella and the cheese....


Alessandra Spisni at the Zecchino D'oro prepares the donuts fried, a surprise sweet (Photos)

Great surprise today at the "Zecchino d'oro" why in the space greedy announced arrives Alessandra Spisni is the recipe of the doughnuts are fried. The Spisni has delighted us all with doughnuts stuffed with custard and deep-fried. It is not true that fried food is bad if you eat not too often, also Elena...

Alessandra Spisni prepare potatoes and fried eggs, a recipe from La prova del cuoco 4 December 2019

In the episode The trial of the chef of today, December 4, 2019 the recipe by Alessandra Spisni with the potatoes and eggs recipe potatoes and eggs fried, a second great dish for the whole family, a dinner or lunch complete. Alessandra Spisni ins trusts with Sal De Riso with the potatoes, and while the...