The pupil 2

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The Pupil 2 advances of the last episode: Alice marries Claudio, or choose Arthur?

You thought that there would be the happy ending that everyone hoped for? Alice marries Claudio Conforti, the great love of his life? It is still really early to say because we will only know in the last episode of The pupil 2 airing next Thursday on Rai 1. Twists not to end up in the next episode of...


Listen to the early evening of 25 October 2018: Ilary Blasi and Crown light up the Gf Vip 3?

Great expectation this morning, for the data auditel related to listen to the sixth episode of Big Brother Vip 3 aired on October 25, 2018. Great expectation because after the first 5 episodes, very subdued listening to a low, it is thought that this sixth round would have given peak share in the reality...

The pupil 2 advances from the second installment: Alice will accept the proposal made by Claudio?

What's going to happen in the second episode of The pupil 2 aired the first of November 2018? Let's find out with our advances, which reveal to us just the plot of the two episodes next week! Alice and Claudio are waiting for us the next Thursday with the second episode of this season. We have seen that...