The presidency of the Council

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Compulsory vaccines in school, the minister Lorenzin: “Ready the decree”

“I have prepared a text of law providing for the compulsory vaccination to the school of the obligation, with a widening of the compulsory vaccinations, as indicated by our ministry. I have sent today to the chairman of the Board and will bring it to you tomorrow in the Council of ministers”. This was...

From the Senate the approval of the law against cyberbullying

The Hall where the Senate approves practically unanimously, with 224 yes, one no, and 6 abstentions, the draft law that aims to counter the phenomenon of cyberbullying. Here's what establishing. From the Senate the approval of the law against cyberbullying. The measure, rewritten compared to the version...


The Italian is the fourth most studied language in the world. In Florence, for the first time, the States-General

It is the fourth language in the world, the eighth most used on Facebook and has a potential pool of affected 250 million people. The importance of the Italian language, has led the ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation International, in collaboration with the presidency of the Council of Ministers,...