The Pirelli Building

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Hospital of Cuasso, presented a plan for the upgrading of the structure

It was held in the morning of today, Wednesday 5 December, the hearing on the Pirellone dedicated to the hospital of Cuasso al Monte, with the president of the Territorial Commission of the Piambello, the president of the homonymous Mountain Community, and the strategic Directions of ASST Seven Lakes...

Milano, the Belvedere of Palazzo Lombardia reopen to the public for the Feast of the Grandparents

On Sunday, October 7, from 11 to 18, citizens will be able to go up to the 39th floor of Palazzo Lombardia, the building of the headquarters of the Region, to admire from its height of 161 metres, the panorama of the city of Milan. The initiative is held to celebrate the Feast of the Grandparents and,...


Tomorrow open Palazzo Pirelli and Palazzo Lombardia: exhibition of LEGO and a play area for families

A special day dedicated to playing, creativity and fun. Tomorrow, Sunday the 29th of July, the Pirelli Building opens its doors to families and children going up to the 31st floor of the Space, the Belvedere, you can admire the exhibition from the title “Power to the meek”, with around forty works made...