The name of the rose

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To listen tv the first evening, 18 march, 2019: the name of The rose still loses to the public? The Island dates back?

Back to the our event dedicated to the analysis of the data auditel relating to the first evening. What will have decided to follow the audience home on Monday 18 march 2019? We discover him as always, this morning, with the data from auditel related to the evening of yesterday. Also this week the Monday...


Listen to tv, march 11, 2019: the name of The Rose is still a record? The Island rises?

Back to our analysis on the ratings of prime time: who won the race in the evening of 11 march 2019, for the tv viewers? New challenge on Monday night between the name of The Rose and the reality tv Channel 5 the Island of the famous. The past week there had been competition: with an average almost equal...

Listen tv 4 march 2019 earlier in the evening: the name of The Rose by the record ratings?

Huge wait this morning for the data listening to the first evening of the 4 march 2019. Rai 1 tries to conquer the audience with the event the name of The rose: will he cash in on a new record do you listen to? As always we will only know this morning, after the publication of the data of the listening...