The motion of censure

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Luino, Tuesday meets the Commission's Budget. Many of the hot topics of the session

The budget bylaw, in the border, with two motions on the frontier (one of Taldone and one of The “other London” and of the “Movement for Italy Nation”) and a censure of the president of the municipal council. And this is the order of the day of the sitting of the Commission board's Budget, the Promotion...

Luino, Compagnoni: “we Discuss in council, but find the balance is lost and we return to constructive dialogue”

The issue related to the motion on the frontier, presented and withdrawn later from the director Taldone, in the last session of the city council, has created debate in the political world in the luino area. In addition to the discussions of the last few weeks, only on Saturday, we published the motion...


Luino, the Northern League: “the Attempt of the censorship to divert attention from their own administrative error”

The deputy mayor of Luino, Alessandro Casali, the leader of the “Lega Nord” Antonio Palmieri, and the secretary of the Northern League, reject the sender's attempt to censure the president of the municipal council David Cataldo. Only yesterday, we published the motion signed by the members of the minority...