The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Daredevil: Charles Soule discuss the closing of the series Netflix

The news of the day is the closing of the series on Netflix dedicated to Daredevil, Guardian Devil of the house and Marvel that she had the baptism of the streaming channel in Italy. After the closures, Cage and Iron Fist, while the hopes for Jessica Jones are weakened more and more, this is yet another...


Daredevil: the fall and rebirth of the Guardian Devil

In the days when Netflix announces the closing of the series dedicated to Iron Fist and Cage, comes the awaited third season of Daredevil. The series, which launched the world Marvel on Netflix for the adventures of the Guardian Devil, it represents a hope for lovers of comics Marvel, given that clarifies...

Captain Marvel: everything you need to know! – First Part

After seeing the scene after the credits of the movie Avengers – Infinity War, and with a film expected in 2019, there is much talk of Captain Marvel. Who is this superhero? It is an alien? It is a terrestrial? And’ a man? And’ a woman? You can make a difference in the next fight against [...]The article...