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Speaking of Roberto, the husband of Adriana Volpe magazine Who: “Must remember to have a husband and a daughter”

The latest news on Big Brother VIP 4 does not come only from the house of the reality show of Channel 5. Also outside, you can react to what you see and the husband of Adriana Volpe, in the last hours, he wanted to release an interview for the magazine about to explain what his point of view on everything...

Eros Ramazzotti belies the magazine Who: no new love, and on social you says bewildered

Let's face it, when Eros Ramazzotti is back single, after the end of his love story with Marica Pellegrinelli, you search all the way to “accasarlo”. The model has a new boyfriend and has moved on after the divorce, and perhaps in some way we expect Eros to do the same. But the singer up to today, has...