The legacy

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Continues the pause of The heritage: the quiz Rai 1 stop

Today, a day still very sad with the images coming from Rome and show us the great crowd that gathered in front of the chiesa degli artisti in Piazza del Popolo for the last greeting to Fabrizio Frizzi. Today is the day of the funeral, the final farewell to the man, the conductor, who never forget, and...


Carlo Conti, the goodbye to Fabrizio Frizzi, with a photo and two words (Photo)

Carlo Conti, Fabrizio Frizzi (photo) two names so closely linked in private life and to the public, but from today there will be no more relay between them, no delivery of the keys of The Heritage, this time our beloved conductor didn't make it. The message of Carlo Conti on social is two words “Hello...

Fabrizio Frizzi returns to The Legacy of Carlo Conti, the announcement has excited all at La prova del cuoco (Photo)

Surprise yesterday Fabrizio Frizzi has appeared on tv, a few minutes between hugs, cheers and tears, and chose The test of the cook to greet his audience, he has chosen the support of his dearest friends on tv (photos). A gift great for the birthday of Antonella Clerici, in the kitchen on her cooking...