The legacy

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Flavio Insinna, the real challenge will be pleasure to Fabrizio Frizzi: “I was never judged” (Photos)

Still the hurt of the criticism, but for Flavio Insinna the greatest sorrow is the absence of Fabrizio Frizzi (photo). Insinna in September, will take its place in the study of The Heritage and the magazine Vanity Fair confides his mood, his intentions, speaks of those who have not yet forgiven, but...


Flavio Insinna in the storm: here's the cachet stellar that you will receive The Inheritance

Flavio Insinna is once again ready to return to television, and, as stated by the director general of Rai, will be the conduct of “The Legacy”, the game show presented first by the colleague Carlo Conti and then by the late Fabrizio Frizzi. Flavio Insinna will lead The Legacy, but its cachet back on...

The embrace of Antonella Clerici, Carlo Conti, tonight will be hard to lead and follow The Inheritance without Fabrizio Frizzi (Photo)

Tonight to 18.45 on Rai 1 will return to The Legacy and will of course be Carlo Conti to conduct the most difficult of the episodes because there will be no delivery of the keys this time, Fabrizio Frizzi, is no longer there (Photo). To remember him today on greetings final de La prova del cuoco also...