The island of the famous

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The island of the Famous 2019: Giulia De Lellis among the possible competitors

The Island of the Famous warms up the engines in view of the new edition that will start in the spring of 2019. At the helm of the program, there will always be Alessia Marcuzzi, currently to the guide of the Hyenas. The production of the reality show targato Mediaset is already working to define every...

The island of the Famous 2019: unveiled the name of the new envoy

Come new rumors on the new edition of Island of The Famous. It seems it has been chosen to be sent that will manage the castaways vip in Honduras. The island of the Famous 2019, that's who will be sent to Honduras for several weeks, chasing each other different names for those who serve in the role of...


Gerry Scotti: the indiscretion bomb, The Island of the Famous in free Fall

Gerry Scotti is preparing a surprise for all the fans of the famous Island. According to leaks and rumors, the famous presenter is reportedly preparing a bet for charity free-Fall with all the contestants of the latest edition of the reality show. Should be broadcast on Channel 5 on The 29th of April...