The island of the famous 2019

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On the Island of the famous 2019 arrives the wife of Richard the Sheets to talk about the alleged betrayal: that's going to happen?

It seems that in the episode Island of the famous 2019 aired on February 20, 2019, there will be a surprise for him in the Sheets, we do not know however if it will taste sweet or bitter. As you know, the singer, is married to a woman younger than he by whom he had a daughter as well. We speak to Karin...

Soleil Is and Jeremias Rodriguez explodes the passion in the Island of the famous, and the photos become hot

Apparently, Jeremias Rodriguez before leaving, according to Rogert Garth, would have made a bet with his friends: that do dirty things on the Island of the famous. It has been revealed in the model in the studio in the Afternoon Five saying also that Jeremias would like this record. Too bad the oscar,...


The Island of the Famous 2019: Marco Maddaloni in the televoting and Luca Vismara and Giorgia

The circle narrows, and week after week it becomes more difficult to make the nominations: - know the castaways remained on The Island of the Famous 2019, that they had to send to the televoting, the three other castaways. The first two are selected by nomination of the entire group, and a third pulled...