The Island of Peter 2

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To listen tv 25 November: Mara Venier remove the D'urso, Morandi beats Fazio

Who won the first evening and the challenge from Barbara D'urso and Mara Venier? To listen tv 25 November 2018 are focused mainly to two challenges. The first concerns the afternoon of the two networks more Italian, or Rai Uno and Canale 5. Who won between Domenica In Mara Venier and Sunday [...]The...


Listen to tv 18 November: Mara Venier recovers on Barbara D'urso, Morandi remove Fazio

Eyes between Sunday and Sunday Live, but also The Island of Peter, 2 and That From the beginning of the tv season 2018/2019, the most exciting challenge of the audience is between Sunday Live Sunday. The first is led by Barbara D'urso, and the second by Mara Venier. Of the week, and week [...]The article...

The Island of Peter 2, previews and plot the sixth and final episode of the 25th November, is the final shock for Diego

The last race of the season with the popular fiction by Gianni Morandi Well-found with a new event dedicated to The Island of Peter 2, the popular fiction of Channel 5 with Gianni Morandi. Unfortunately, we have reached the conclusion of this new season where all the viewers will discover what really...