The hyenas

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To The Hyenas, the family of Ugo Russian: the agony of loss and the beliefs that do not change

Fifteen years, nothing school, at two in the night around the streets of Naples to carry out a robbery, maybe the second, also had another watch in your pocket, say the forces of law and order. Ugo was killed by a policeman in plain clothes, who now will have to respond to the excess of legitimate defense...

Murder Vannini, reservoir dogs new documents. Two prostitutes would have denounced Ciontoli for robbery

It is not the first time that you hear of a possible dossier in which they would be collected the complaints made by a prostitute to the detriment of Antonio Ciontoli. Months, in fact, the question came on the television, in the programs that followed the case involving the murder of Marco Vannini. For...

From the greeting to Nadia Toffa to Nicholas Armhole: the best moments of the TV 2019

Another year has now come to an end and, with it, we put it in our drawer of memories all the best moments and the worst past in tv in the last twelve months. In this article, we will take care of the best moments and of the positive cases.We will do a quick overview of the talk show, quiz, talent show...