The horde of Thugs

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Deck, Valkyrie, Giant, Hut, return to the Arena 2, Arena 3, Arena 4

A deck that is its strength its power: thanks to Valkyrie, which puts K. O. any troop-type, low-end and, especially, the hordes, in combination with the baby Dragon, or, and with the support of the Giant that acts as a shield to win will be really a no-brainer. Let's discover together the Deck, Valkyrie,...


Cards best Anti-Hordes and Anti-Spawn for the Deck on the Clash Royale

With the arrival of the Clan Battles, but also in the simple tournaments or multiplayer challenges in the Clash Royale, is increasingly present in a percentage in the growth of cards formed by hordes or groups of troops to halt the Barbarians Chosen, or troops offensive, among many, we can mention the...

Deck Arena 10 and 11 with the Mastiff Lava, Miner, Minion, and Balloon

Do you want to meet, or exceed, quickly the Arena 10, the Mountain Boar, and, maybe, get to the Arena 11? If you're new to this range of cups, you'll know that the troops flying must be to the greater as the majority of players use ground troops. Let's discover together the Deck Arena 10 Arena 11 with...