The Giants Boxers

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Strategy Attack BH4 difficulty intermediate: Giant Boxers + Archers Stealth

One of the most popular strategies to win easily in matchmaking with BH4 (Room of the manufacturer, level 4). This attack allows a to obtain both percentages high, is unlock up to 3 stars for each attack. We will find out more about how to use the Strategy Attack BH4 with difficulty intermediate: Giant...


The basis of BH4 Anti-Dragon, Anti Archers stealth, Anti Giant Boxer + VIDEO

The Base Manufacturer's level 4 achieves quality in terms of attack and defence very high: in this article we will explain via a video from Youtube, how to set it up in a purely defensive one. Here is the best layout BH4 anti-Dragon, Anti-Giant Boxer and Anti-Archers.

Best Durable Layout BH3 to use for the Basis of the Manufacturer's level 3

The Base Manufacturer's level 3 is definitely the band's most mature and accessible and, not surprisingly, is the most frequented. And that's where the players learn the best techniques for attack but mostly defense: yes, because it is not enough to be good on the offensive if then in the defensive ruin...

The basis of the Manufacturer level 3: What to upgrade first, How to deal with defenses, strategies, and developments in the troops

In this guide we will explain how to best deal with the Base Constructor with the Hall of the Builder level 3: we will show you the various steps to follow to obtain the maximum and be able to maximize gold and elixir pink without having to buy gems and spend money. We will explain and advise you of...

Skill list the Troops in the Base of the Manufacturer: Features and Statistics

In the Base of the Builder, the master builder, has the knowledge appropriate to enhance greatly the troops as we were accustomed to know: thanks to the Laboratory of Stellar, we have the possibility of evolving the troops to an advanced stage by activating hidden abilities that make them incredibly...