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Luino-Maccagno, derby, high voltage, with the Three Valleys: a victory for save 2018

With the first round almost over, the one in the program for today is in fact the last day before the break, the Luino-Maccagno is located in front of a match that can't afford to make mistakes. The reasons are basically two, and they are equivalent in terms of importance. The team that the team will...


Luino-Maccagno, Sacconago the first trip of mr. Cracas. Match head-to-tail

The second week of work ended at the Park Margorabbia for the new coach of the Luino-Maccagno, Marco Cracas, that after the onset of seven days ago against the Tradate (2-0 defeat) is ready to lead the group in the first output away from the walls of friends. An exit is not really affordable, at least...

Luino-Maccagno, this evening in the field in the recovery against the Brebbia: win points salvation

Round midweek at the gates to the Luino-Maccagno mister Corporals, this evening of the scene at the Park Margorabbia for the recovery of the eighth round of the championship, which was suspended two weeks ago due to bad weather. The team, veterans from the drubbing at home Sunday against Solbiatese Insubria,...