The feast of the Units

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“Varese, that pizza!”: tomorrow the festival, Schiranna in Festa with the world champions Torre, and Moro

Is fixed for the days 22, 23 and 24 August, the debut varesino “Hands in the Dough”, a project linked to “Varese, that pizza!”, the first festival of pizza in the city. A path of food education and the rediscovery of the raw materials of high quality and of the local territory, with the desire to bring...


Varese, the Feast of Unity: the countdown to the tenth edition

Back “Schiranna in Festa”, Bella ciao, Varese, italy, which this year celebrates the ten-year presence on the territory of the province of Varese. A true and proper mobilization: 300 volunteers at work throughout the summer, with an average of about 23 thousand participants per year and with the record...

The Referendum, Renzi and the Anpi far. Smuraglia “Reform distorts the spirit of the Charter”

They remain far Matteo Renzi and the Pna on the issue of the constitutional referendum. On the stage of the Festa dell'unità in Bologna carries out the comparison in the sign of fair play, between the premier and number one of the National Association of Partisans, Carlo Smuraglia. The two, however,...