The company of the swan

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Listen to February 4, 2019 earlier in the evening: Adrian gets worse? The company of the swan triumphs?

Classic appointment Tuesday morning with the data from auditel related to the prime time Monday evening. We are waiting for data auditel to reveal how it went the evening of February 4, 2019. Today, the challenge, and the fourth, between The company of the swan and Adrian, the series that was supposed...


The company of the swan advances to the fourth bet: between Barbara and Dominic will love?

It is not easy to manage a group of seven guys from great talent but also from the hearts in turmoil. Knows something the master Marioni that try to put first of all the music, but it is not easy, even for him, still reeling from the death of his daughter...The previews of the fourth episode of The company...

Listen to January 7, 2019 in the early evening the challenge of the Titanic vs The company of the swan: who won?

Begin the challenges in the early evening in mid to tell the truth. Already because of the new year, at least in that Mediaset has not yet taken flight. On the 7th of January 2019 in fact, on Channel 5 airs a film of the first coat, as you might say in these cases. The week after the holidays to Channel...