The Carabinieri of the Compagnia di Varese

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Accident in the night, the car against the barriers. Wounded a 54-year old

An accident occurred last night, Sunday, October 14, at around 2, Besozzo, via Luigi Cadorna, on the provincial road 50. For reasons still under investigation, the driver of a motor vehicle, a 54-year old, lost control of vehicle, crashing into the security barriers the side of the roadway on the [...]The...


Varese, arrested at school one student, 19-year-old. Accused of dealing marijuana

Continuation of services to counter the effects connected to the drug dealing in the schools of the province, who see the military of the Provincial Command Carabinieri of Varese constantly busy, both in a preventive way – with conferences and meetings addressed to young people on the risks and implications...

The front between two trucks. To be involved a 53 year old

A bad accident that happened in the morning today in the municipality of Saltrio, province of Varese. The impact, which occurred around noon, saw the clash on the front, along the via Alesssandro Manzoni, two heavy vehicles. To stay involved with a man 53 year old driving one of the trucks, to promptly...