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Francesco Chiofalo of Temptation Island shock: ‘I have a brain tumor and I don't know if...’

The former contestant of " Temptation Island confesses to having cancer a Few hours ago Francesco Chiofalo, the 29-year-old former protagonist of Temptation Island has made a confession for the hosts. The guy that in the reality of Channel 5 was nicknamed affectionately by his friends and by the spectators...


Brain: continues to work even when we dietc"

How much do we really know of the human brain and all its complex functions? Evidently still too little. According to recent studies, the brain would continue to function after the death, although for a short time. The brain: the study by dr. Sam Parnia, In particular, dr. Sam Parnia, English physician,...

Diet: the secret to ageing well in the brain

There is a specific diet so that the brain can grow old in good health. And’ what emerges from a research conducted by the University of Sydney, australia. The diet for the longevity of the brain The study has shown that diets low protein content, a high intake of carbohydrates have [...]The article...