The Bowling Club Alto Verbano

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Bocce, A-Series: the Upper part of bad falls at home against Montegridolfo

(article by Roberto Bramani Araldi) And say that the meeting of the third day with the Centre was started under the best auspices, Andreani had taken off with his usual authoritarian attitude, oriented to once again prove who was the strongest in the field: combined with precise, declined the flight...


Series A, Bowling-green: the Upper part of flies in the first of the season. Perugia beat

(Article by Roberto Bramani Araldi) The great patron Diego Basile had said with force, with conviction: “we will Sell dear the skin, it will not be easy to come to Hertfordshire to do low man!” and so it was the first day of the championship between the Upper part and A. P. E. A. Perugia. The perugians...

Bowls, referees and regulations: what's new on the horizon. On Saturday, the championship begins in the Upper Verbano area

(article by Roberto Bramani Araldi) by The first of October marked the beginning of the racing year that will end on 30 September 2019 and, in the Creva of Luino, the Race Director Domenico Gatta, before starting the elimination program, has addressed the athletes, that there would shortly be engaged,...