The board 3

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Listen to march 13, 2019: the Wonders of Alberto Angela and the disasters of the College 3

A lot of curiosity this morning to data auditel related to the evening of yesterday. Proposals very different from those that have come from the early evening of march 12, 2019 with different stimuli for different audiences. Certainly the protagonists of the College 3 the evil would not have made a good...

The Board of 3: between exams, dances, and expulsions, culminating in the best reality show of the year

After a five-bet, it is concluded this evening, 12 march 2019, The Board 3: the third edition of the reality show on Rai due. The protagonists were a group of millennials who, for a whole month, they had to abandon the comfort and technology to try to experience the educational systems of 1968, a revolutionary...


The board 3 and the self-management offer to Rai 2 excellent ratings: beaten Channel 5

In a Tuesday evening of experiments, the best with a result that is really excellent is definitely Rai 2 with the new episode of The Board 3, which has seen the boys more than the protagonists. In the episode of 26 February 2019 in fact, the young protagonists of the reality show, they were engaged in...