The '90s

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Cindy Craford soap and water for the gym

Photo: @ Instagram/ Cindy CrawfordHow does Cindy Crawford keep her form of crazy at the age of 52? Certainly not addressing the genie of the lamp!The former top model, who in the ’90s made her mad the whole world with its physical, athletic, and sensual, continue to follow a healthy diet and to practice...


Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, that's how they were in the ‘90s

Photo via the webBefore contouring, false eyelashes and ritocchini with botox, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were two young girls, soap and water with a lot of fun.Recognize them looking at their old photos is difficult, but if we focus on the look we can see that not everything is so radically changed.Are...

Liv Tyler has the nostalgia of the ’90s

Photo: @ instagram/ Liv TylerI guess you could try a feeling crazy in the open the wardrobe of a celebrity and discover inside the garments with which we've seen on the catwalks on the red carpet at the prestigious.There offers a glimpse Liv Tyler, who, in anticipation of his third heir, has opened the...