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9+ Bases TH10 Anti-2 and Anti-3 for the Clan War, Farming, and Climbing

In this article are collected over a 9-layout updated to TH10 Anti-2 and Anti-3 star hotel-to-use mode Clan War (War between Clans), Farming or just Mountaineering. Many of these bases are Anti-3, this means that have been created to repel assaults from 3 stars to TH11. All the bases have visible Tesla...


Leak Sneak Peeks 2017: New troop Black and Pink (Warlock of the Ice), New Levels, Troops, Potions, Resources

In the last few hours has been unveiled in advance what should be the first big Sneak Peek update Clash of Clans May 2017 the much-acclaimed. Among the novelties of the first to sneak, there are two troops the new (one pink and one black), a bunch of new levels for troops and potions and especially for...

Bolavaloon 3 stars out of anti-3 TH10, TH11: Bocciatori, hot air Balloons, Mastiff Lava

Now the attack power of Heroes to level so high in all of the incredible statistics of troops, increase more and more their level bracket to ensure virtually always at least 50% + town Hall, especially in Clan War, this translates into a 2-star hotel guaranteed: it is for this reason that they were born...